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Benefit Denial for Recorded DVDs EMA Capgemini 2009

Every game or DVD that’s stolen is
a lost sale. And every stolen packaged
product contributes to the
entertainment media industry’s problem
with shrink, which last year added up
to a whopping 2-3% of $33B in annual
sales. In other words, theft is real
money in this business. Moreover, to
prevent theft, many retailers are
installing preventative measures that
hinder sales. By removing these
preventative measures and allowing for
open merchandising, certain products
are expected to receive up to a 10% lift
in retail sales. The Entertainment
Merchants Association (EMA), the notfor-
profit trade association serving the
home entertainment industry, asked
Capgemini to investigate the promise
of a new theft prevention application in
the form of Benefit Denial Technology,
which would make it possible to ship a
product to the store in a “locked” state.
The product would be “activated” and
made usable only following a point-ofsale