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Crime Analysis for Problem Solving Security Professionals in 25 Small steps Veilani 2010

Karim H. Vellani is an independent security consultant at Threat Analysis Group, LLC, a security
consulting firm and Past President of the International Association of Professional Security
Consultants. Karim is Board Certified in Security Management (CPP), a Board Certified Security
Consultant (CSC), has over 15 years of security management and forensic security consulting
experience, and has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Management. He is the author of
two books, Applied Crime Analysis and Strategic Security Management, and has contributed to
a number of other security related books and journals.
Karim developed a crime analysis methodology that utilizes the Federal Bureau of
Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime Report coding system and a proprietary software
application called CrimeAnalysisTM. Karim has also developed a Risk Assessment Methodology
for Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals. In 2009, the International Association of Healthcare
Security and Safety (IAHSS) published its Security Risk Assessment Guideline, which was
authored by Karim at the request of IAHSS.
As an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston ‐ Downtown, Karim taught graduate
courses in Security Management and Risk Analysis for the College of Criminal Justice’s Security
Management Program. Annually, Karim instructs for the International Association of
Professional Security Consultants and ASIS‐International.
Karim may be contacted at (281) 494‐1515 or via email at