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Customer Survey Report ePVMs Fixtures Wave 2 Hayes Johns Scicchitano 2009

In addition to the quantitative analysis of the impact of secure merchandising cabinets and enhanced public-view monitors on shrink and sales for 11 razor and blade products, the LPRC Wave 2 Product Protection research project conducted a series of interviews with store customers to obtain their perceptions of the interventions. Fifteen interviews were conducted with customers for each intervention, for a total of 30 interviews.
The purpose of the customer interviews is to better understand awareness of each intervention; reaction to the interventions; interest in using the interventions so that blade/razor products can be maintained in open displays (rather than kept locked or behind the counter); the impact of the interventions on willingness to purchase products; and, the impact of the interventions on perceptions of safety in the store.
Survey instruments were developed for customer interviews for each of the security measures that were studied in this research. (Full copies of the interview protocols can be found in the Appendix of the report.) The surveys were completed in-person by an experienced researcher on-site in stores that implemented the secure merchandising cabinets and enhanced public-view monitors. The data from the interviews were compiled and then summarized for this report.