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EAS Supermarket Small Evaluation Arthur Andersen 2004

Executive Summary
This report outlines the results of the review and evaluation of the testing of Sensormatic EAS technology within a retail grocery company conducted by Arthur Andersen. The testing company will be noted as The ABC Grocery Company within this report. The ABC Grocery Company is a fictional company created to better explain the testing process and recommendations.
On April 17, 2000, The ABC Grocery Company and Sensormatic began a test to determine the benefits of utilizing Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology within stores in an effort to decrease current shoplifting related shrink. The test involved twelve locations within the southeast, southwest and central marketing areas. The testing phase began on April 17 and has continued through the present date. During the test, Sensormatic has been responsible for ordering and shipment of equipment, installation of equipment, on-going training, and equipment service and support. ABC Grocery has been responsible for system testing, system activation approaches, system activation documentation, and product tagging. These responsibilities would remain the same if ABC Grocery decides to contract Sensormatic as its EAS technology provider.