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Employee Screening to Reduce Crime and Loss Vulnerability Hayes 2003

Pre-employment Screening: A Tool for Reducing Workplace Deviance
Read Hayes, PhD, CPP
Research Director
Loss Prevention Research Council and University of Florida
Retailers the world over suffer violence, theft, and loss. According to the U.S. Department of Justice (Warchol, 1998), over two million people per year were victims of violence in the workplace from 1992-1996. During this time, period over 330,000 retail employees were victimized annually (Warchol, 1998). Additionally, retail companies universally lose approximately 2% of their sales, and almost a quarter of their profit annually to theft and error (Bamfield and Hollinger, 1996). Their responses to this violence, intentional deviance, and apathy vary widely. Some businesses rely solely on procedures, training, and customer service; others concentrate on prevention technologies such as electronic tag systems and cameras (Hollinger, et al, 1998). Still others integrate these crime and loss control techniques (Hayes, 1991; Hayes, 2000).