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ILP LM Tag Beauty Specialty Retailer Test Grottini Hayes 2014

Executive Summary
Working with ILP and the LPRC, A specialty beauty retailer recently tested the LM Tag in the A specialty beauty retailer’s StoreLab in Gainesville, Florida. The purpose of this project was to gain insight from associates, guests and active shoplifters on the impact the LM Tag has on their respective experiences. To gather this information, the LPRC interviewed 10 Specialty beauty retailer associates, 30 Specialty beauty retailer customers and 7 active shoplifters.
Of the 10 associates interviewed, 100% thought the LM Tag was effective at reducing loss and felt that the presence of the LM Tag would not adversely affect the customer’s experience. None of the employees felt that the technology was labor intensive and only one associate thought the LM Tag was disruptive to their daily duties. Associates were also asked if they heard any customer complaints regarding the LM tag. 90% of associates said they haven’t heard of any customer issues, and one associate said that a customer was perplexed by the sporadic beeping that was occurring during the initial rollout of the LM Tag. However, after the second installation, associates have not heard any complaints regarding the LM Tag.