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June Maximum Gain and Minimal Pain Synopsis

RFID: Looking for Maximum Gain and Minimum Pain for Retailers and Their Suppliers
RFID is already attractive in the realm of supply chain and this paper looks at RFID implementation at the pallet-level, case-level, item-level as well as IT related costs and risks across the supply chain.
 RFID has been implemented in the supply chain of several major retailers for tracking and analytics purposes.
 Retailers have been dabbling in the field of RFID but face the trouble of justifying the cost and creating a clear road map as to what they can do with all the accumulated data.
 This paper takes a look at supply chain RFID down to store level RFID and assesses some of the risks and payoffs associated with different levels of RFID tagging.
o The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model of processes is used to evaluate RFID.
 Moving from supply chain to retail store level introduces many different challenges.
o Increasingly differentiated and unique RFIDs making more SKUs to manage.