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ORC – Workshop 2nd Edition Hayes Scicchitano 2003

Over 140 professionals from retailers, law enforcement agencies, transport companies,
product manufacturers and academic researchers participated in a one-day workshop on
organized retail crime. The workshop’s format was designed to be highly interactive with
a combination of data on the topic collected from two extensive studies on ORC being
disseminated by facilitators and participants, as well as systematic data collection from a
series of interactions with the assembled experts. The interactions proved very energetic
and fruitful. The collected data were combined with existing ORC knowledge for this
report, and an even more complete action report to be issued in early to mid 2004 to all
This report contains data collected from extensive notes, presented slides, the pages from
the interaction teams, and a tape recording of the event. The flow of this paper reflects the
workshop as a forum or symposium. We sincerely hope you all find this report helpful in
your individual and collective anti-ORC efforts.