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Research Report 10 Proceedings of Brainstorm ’97

The 3rd annual Loss Prevention Action Conference, Brainstorm ’97, was held in Orlando, Florida, on September 24-25, 1997. Both the topics and format of this year’s conference were selected to build on the discussions and feedback from previous Brainstorm conferences. Much of that feedback called for more participatory discussions and fewer lectures. Accordingly, we structured this year’s Brainstorm experience to be more open and interactive.
The conference focused on the causes and effects of retail crime in three areas: employee theft, customer theft and workplace violence. In order to facilitate discussion, conferees were broken out into two groups. Senior LP executives constituted one group (“Group One”); while LP managers and solution designers made up the other group (“Group Two”). At the end of each conference day, the two groups reconverged to summarize their respective discussions.
Moderators for Brainstorm ’97 included internationally recognized experts on deviance in the workplace and retail loss prevention:
* Alex Finch, Esq., General Counsel, Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc.;
* Richard Hollinger, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Florida;
* Jerald Greenberg, Ph.D., Professor, Ohio State University;
* Kenneth Baker, Forensic Consultant, The Academy Group;
* Read Hayes,CPP, Senior Consultant, Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc.;
* Joshua Bamfield, M.A.,Ph.M., Professor, Nene College, United Kingdom.
One of the major points of agreement coming out of Brainstorm ’97 was that loss prevention professionals and their employers are combating enemies with common motives and methods of operation. Accordingly, they can benefit from the sharing of knowledge, techniques, technologies and data which can assist them in that effort. To that end, the purpose of this report is to present conference participants with a summary of its highlights, especially with regard to findings, conclusions and recommendations which will make retail loss prevention and the reduction of workplace violence continuously more