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Shoplifters Reaction and Resistance to Apprehension Hayes 2003

Shoptheft: An Analysis of Shoplifters’ Reactions to Apprehension
Read Hayes, PhD, CPP
The four individuals who decided to remove $350 worth of clothing from the national women’s store never envisioned being arrested or that one would be hospitalized with a broken hip and leg. After setting off electronic alarms, the four fled by car but were stopped by the police. The subjects fought with the officers when one subject fell from a platform breaking his hip and leg. The Connecticut Yankee 8/97.
On August 5, 1995 at an Albertson’s store in Palm Beach County, Florida store employees restrained an individual for shoplifting. A responding police officer found the subject dead. A state grand jury subsequently indicted Albertons for manslaughter. After a civil settlement criminal charges against the retailer were dropped.
A 33-year-old woman who injured three people during two separate shoplifting incidents was sentenced to five years in prison. She pleaded guilty to substantial battery and recklessly endangering safety in an incident on Sept.28 at Woodman’s supermarket in Beloit. In the process of stealing two packs of cigarettes, she knocked over a security officer and a blind woman in her haste to get out of the store. The blind woman broke her wrist and two ribs in the fall. She also, waived a knife around, struck the security guard in the face, and punched a second customer in the arm during the ordeal. The same offender was arrested two years earlier for hit a Sentry Food Store manager in the jaw as she tried to run away with several packs of cigarettes and a bar of soap. Beloit Daily News 1/3/96