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SOCLab Process Report 2017 Understanding Emergency Response Using Realtime Information

What is SOCLab
A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a highly-trained, centralized unit designed to deal with technical, security, and administrative aspects of an emergency that requires immediate and continued attention. SOCs can be multifaceted, involving multiple individuals, or a single individual utilizing multiple technologies. The LPRC SOCLab is a research module located in the LPRC Innovation Lab. It employs up-to-date technologies to allow retail emergency response teams to formulate, test, and refine their emergency operations plans to address the full spectrum of real-time emergencies, such as active shooters, civil unrest, or weather emergencies. Key to the SOCLab is use of realtime information to prevent emergencies when possible, and to react to emergencies to minimize property damage or loss to the retailer, employee or customer injury, and most important, employee or customer casualties.