COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected the retail industry and the 42 million Americans it employs. Although some categories are left relatively unscathed, the majority of retailers are taking a serious hit.

The LPRC is working to address these issues by providing pertinent resources and information to those in the retail sector:

  1. LPRC researchers are collecting data from major retailers to understand the virus’s effects and implications before, during, and after the crisis
  2. The LPRC has hosted a webinar on how criminals take advantage of crisis situations and what you can do to protect your organization and your customers from fraud during this trying time.
  3. We will be hosting a series of calls with retail member point of contacts to continue dialogue on best practices. We will host a membership-wide update the following week. Categories include: Fuel/C-Store Food/Drug Department/Mass Small Box/Mall Specialty Big Box Specialty
  4. We will open our contact form below for any questions/inquiries about the pandemic as it relates to retail. Our researchers will provide you with any relevant statistics, data, or suggestions to combat theft, fraud, and violence during this pandemic

NEW LPRC Resources

Retail Response – Cluster Call Report

Over the course of two weeks, the LPRC hosted a series of retailer “cluster calls” in an attempt to understand issues related to security, sanitation, customer experience, staffing, and crime from the outbreak of COVID-19. These calls were broken up into six separate calls based on their retail sector. View the insights gained from our retailers on our Knowledge Center.

Retail Benchmarking Survey: Responses and Reactions

In order to better understand the effects and reactions to COVID-19, and to help answer relevant questions during this unprecedented time, a benchmarking survey was sent out to the LPRC’s Retail Network in April 2020. View the full results on our Knowledge Center.

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News & Articles

Nike and the Post COVID-19 "New Normal" Disruptive Future of Retail

This article summarizes the COVID-19 China’s “new retail” strategies, generational commerce transformation trends, and the latest global / regional retail sales forecasts post the pandemic.

How to Prepare for the Next Phase of COVID-19

In many ways consumer behaviors and retail trends are ever-changing. Still, patterns are emerging and even mirroring across various markets.

New York City Sees More Burglaries of Businesses Under Coronavirus Emergency Measures

Burglaries of businesses have risen in New York City under emergency measures to fight the new coronavirus, according to new New York Police Department data, and some businesses are boarding up their storefronts.

Costco, Walmart, Target barred from selling nonessential items in parts of US - Business Insider

Local governments around the US are taking more draconian measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by barring “essential” stores such as grocery chains or big-box retailers from selling “nonessential” items such as clothing and electronics.

Disney might check visitors’ temperatures when theme parks reopen, chairman says - Reuters

Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) might require theme park visitors to have their temperatures checked when they reopen after coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings are lifted, Executive Chairman Bob Iger said in an interview published on Tuesday.