Feedback and Trial Results of CIS Security Solutions’ Tick-R-Tape Technology

Package tags and wraps are widely used to protect merchandise. However, as retail offenders adapt and learn techniques to defeat these technologies, solution providers must respond by developing new, more secure ways to protect products. CIS Security Solutions Inc. developed and sought to test their Tick-R-Tape technology, a universal package tag designed to protect hard and soft merchandise.

In 2019, the Loss Prevention Research Council worked with a large department store chain to better understand the effects of implementing CIS’ Tick-R-Tape in-store. The goals of the research were to:

  1. Examine offender reactions to the Tick-R-Tape technology
  2. Understand customer perceptions of CIS’ Tick-R-Tape technology
  3. Understand associate perceptions of CIS’ Tick-R-Tape technology
  4. Compare the Tick-R-Tape to traditional keeper boxes and spider-wraps by examining size differences and shelf availability between the technologies