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Introduction & Background
In order to better understand customer views of a life-sized cardboard cut-out of a police officer, the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) research team conducted a series of interviews with store customers to obtain their perceptions of this intervention. The officer cut-out was displayed near the middle entrance of the store. The cut-out was evaluated when fully visible (n=20) and when partially hidden in an aisle perpendicular to a main aisle (n=20).
The purpose of the customer interviews was to better understand awareness of the intervention; reaction to the intervention; and, the impact of the intervention on perceptions of security in the store.
To this end, a series of surveys were completed in a Big Box Retailer’s Gainesville Store Lab. This report details the responses of 40 customers at the Store Lab in November 2014. Three in five (60.0%) respondents were female and two in five (40.0%) were age 18 to 34.
The LPRC research team posits the following hypotheses about customer perceptions of cut-outs:
 Nearly all customers will see and get the LP measure [Not supported], and very few will fear it. [Supported]
 Those who see but don’t fully attend to the cut-out and/or don’t “get” it will have a negative opinion of it. [Supported]
 Most customers will have a positive opinion of the cut-out. [Not Supported]
 Customers will feel that shopping is safer with the cut-out present. [Not Supported]
 Customers will feel that the cut-out deters theft. [Not supported]