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RFID Data Management: Challenges and Opportunities
Radio-frequency Identification(RFID) technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that we track products from the manufacturer, through the supply chain to the distribution center, all the way to store stock rooms, shelves, and POS. The sheer volume of data that this process creates is both wildly exciting and incredibly overwhelming. This paper addresses the unique data management challenges that RFID data collection poses.
-Retail theft in the US accounts for more than 40 billion dollars in losses yearly
-Presence of EAS and other LP technologies, while effective, is a piecemeal approach and lacks accountability throughout the chain from production to sale
-RFID has the potential to change the way in which we track products and understand the logistics of the supply chain and sale floor
-Cost is a prohibiting factor that has slowed the adoption of RFID
-Proper usage and reaction to the data and information that RFID can provide has the potential to offset the cost of the system.