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Opportunity Makes the Thief: Analysis of the Physical Cues That Influence Shoplifters…
In this paper, the author conducts 20 in-depth interviews with known shoplifters to find factors that influence a shoplifter’s decision to steal from a retail store
– One of the main tenets of situational crime prevention is that the crime or perpetrator of the crime can be dissuaded from action through the design of the store environment.
– Research has been conducted on shoplifters and their targets, but there is a relatively smaller amount of literature about specifics in the store build environment which deters theft.
– 5 main ideas behind situational crime prevention is making the target harder to steal, riskier to steal, deny the benefit of theft, remove provocations to steal and remove excuses to steal.
– The author, working with Dr. Read Hayes, work on a preliminary listing of design strategies that are most effective in shaping shoplifter perceptions and behavior.