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Problem-Oriented Guides for Police: Robbery of Convenience Stores
The problem-specific guides summarize knowledge about how police and retailers can reduce the harm caused by specific crime and disorder problems, this guide looks at convenience store robbery prevention.
– Convenience store robberies account for approximately 6% of all robberies known to police
o This proportion has seen very little change over the past 30 years.
– Convenience stores in particular locations can be vulnerable to repeat victimization.
o Especially true if the store has large amounts of cash, low security, and small staffs.
o Studies has found that stores are most vulnerable to re-victimization within the first few weeks after the first robbery.
– Convenience store employees suffer from high rates of workplace homicide, second only to taxicab drivers.
– Store robbery has many costs including: decreased business, more difficulty in retaining employees, legal expenses and of course time.