Riot and Looting Resources for Retailers

In order to aid retailers and other businesses during and after the recent riots and looting incidents, the LPRC will be updating this resource page with pertinent links, files, and more. Use the contact form to get in touch with our researchers for additional resources specific to your needs. We hope this page will supply retailers with the information needed to keep employees, customers, and the community safe.

LPRC Retailer Perspective: Emergency Response Call To Looting And Protests Report

The LPRC gathered 40 participants making up over 20 retailers on a call to brief participants, share intelligence, and discuss effective security strategies and tactics in the wake of the social unrest. This social unrest was precipitated by the recent killing of George Floyd and others, excessive use of force by police, and other racial injustices in America. During this call, consultants with Brosnan Risk Consultants Ltd. and other leaders in loss prevention delivered a security report describing looters’ actions and tactics, proper protection recommendations, and social group dynamics. Afterward, a Q&A was held that led to a discussion regarding retailers’ experiences and effective tactics. This report describes the intelligence gathered, strategies discussed, and other important information for navigating this period of social unrest.


Numerous civil disruptions are taking place in multiple cities across the United States, some turning violent. Due to acts of vandalism, arson, and trespassing, many jurisdictions-imposed curfews and facility lockdowns, as well as declaring States of Emergency and activating National Guard Units. Governors and mayors are working with law enforcement to discourage violence and restore order. Although no significant impacts to critical infrastructure has been reported, listed in this document are various resources to assist in the protection of soft target venues.

Preventing Crowd Violence: How to Create Effective Crowd Management Strategies (Slide Deck)

Effective crowd management demands management of crowd perceptions and management of police perceptions. Learn how to create practical strategies from Tamara D. Madensen of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Gary Schofield of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Crowd-Related Crime: An Environmental Criminological Perspective

The objective of this pdf is to show how standard assumptions of environmental criminology would apply to the study of crowd-related crimes and the development of solution methods. It will address the concept of crowds and behaviors of crowd members that cause harm to others.

How to communicate during civil unrest: Public Relations Guide

“As with COVID-19, this is a time for communicators to be front and center, offering guidance and counsel to their leaders,” says Jim Ylisela, co-founder of Ragan Consulting Group. “But this is also the time for an actual plan, not just reaction. There is urgency to get out there, but not without at least some thought and planning behind it.”

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