October 7-9, 2024   |   Gainesville, FL

IMPACT Conference

It’s time to take action in loss prevention. Our largest event of the year, the annual IMPACT Conference equips industry executives to make measurable progress in overcoming retail crime.

It’s a three-day deep dive into retail loss prevention strategies, with presentations from industry experts, breakout sessions, and product demonstrations, as well as opportunities to golf and network with other retail professionals.

Take Action With the Latest LP/AP Strategies

The conference provides loss prevention executives with new information and best practices centered on relevant asset protection topics such as:

  • Trends in retail crime
  • New technologies and innovations in loss prevention
  • Best practices for preventing and investigating retail crime
  • Future loss-prevention research projects

*LPRC Members Welcome

Benefits of IMPACT

Every year, the team at LPRC focuses on organizing an event with real, in-depth value for every member, sponsor, and participant who attends. Here’s what you can expect to get out of three days at the IMPACT Conference:

Proactive Learning

The primary emphasis of IMPACT is learning about the latest developments in retail loss prevention strategies. You’ll hear from industry experts, participate in workshops and training sessions, and network with other experts.

Face-to-Face Networking

Every first week of October, IMPACT is the industry epicenter for connecting with other loss prevention leaders. You’ll build relationships, share best practices, and discover opportunities for partnerships.

Staying Up to Date

Since the retail industry is constantly changing, loss prevention pros need to stay informed about the latest trends and threats. IMPACT is the annual lifeline to exploring what’s new firsthand.

Motivation and Inspiration

Hearing from and interacting with successful loss prevention professionals can help you pinpoint blind spots, set specific goals, and take major strides toward more successful retail loss prevention strategies.

The Time to Take Action Is Now

Join us for an unprecedented event focusing on the findings of LPRC research projects, keynote presentations, evidence-based tactics and strategies, learning labs, and defining key objectives for future research.