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As retail crime evolves and becomes increasingly aggressive, retailers need more innovative solutions to protect their assets, minimize losses, and create a safer environment for employees and shoppers everywhere.

The Loss Prevention Research Council is committed to improving retail asset protection with evidence-based research and industry collaboration. The five pillars of the LPRC ecosystem are research, innovate, collaborate, inform, and engage. We’re on a mission to prevent and detect theft, fraud, and violence using research to find evidence-based solutions.

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LPRC actively conducts lab and field research to test, verify, and apply real science to retail programs and technologies.

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INNOVATE is our lab location where scientific studies are conducted, solutions are tested, and virtual lab tests take place. Members have access to these labs and studies.

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Professionals from retailers, solution providers, manufacturers, law enforcement, and industry partners work together in topic-focused working groups for a united front against retail crime.

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LPRC maintains a library of resources to provide our members with the latest ideas, evidence, and information about asset protection, as well as media coverage including trends and developments.

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Through our industry events, members can engage with colleagues and be part of the solution.

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Current Members and Partners

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The Loss Prevention Research Council is a professional association of international retailers, solution providers, manufacturers, and industry and law enforcement partners — along with our in-house team of research scientists.
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Benefits of LPRC Membership

We’re making the world a safer place … together. By joining LPRC, members become part of a neutral community with a common goal of total asset protection. The tangible, practical benefits, include:
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LPRC members get direct access to the latest evidence-based research field and lab studies, as well as leading-edge solutions created in tandem with solution providers. Retailers use this information to develop more effective loss-prevention strategies, while solution providers can use their access to develop the next generation of solutions.


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As a member, you’ll learn from the industry’s leading loss prevention experts who provide information through LPRC’s working groups. This equips company asset protection professionals to educate their staff and implement tools and techniques that work.


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Membership opens doors to a safe place where competitive retailers can come together to solve common issues and protect the overall marketplace from criminal threats. LPRC’s unique approach to dynamic collaboration helps retailers protect their assets, staff, customers, and the overall marketplace.


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LPRC events provide opportunities for collaboration, discussion, and education on the latest trends in crime, innovative solutions, and research plans. From working groups to the annual LPRC IMPACT conference, there are many opportunities to get involved and connected.


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