Becoming a member of the Loss Prevention Research Council means taking an active role in the fight against retail crime. It’s a highly effective resource for retailers, solution providers, law enforcement, and other retail industry professionals to join forces.


Become Part of the LPRC Collaboration

Our organization focuses on a proactive approach to testing, verifying, showcasing, and improving the latest asset protection research, technologies, and best practices.

LPRC’s mission involves a dynamic ecosystem of activities with a focus on Research, Innovation, Collaboration, Information, and Engagement.


LPRC actively conducts lab and field research to test, verify, and apply real science to retail programs and technologies.

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INNOVATE is our lab location where scientific studies are conducted, solutions are tested, and virtual lab tests take place. Members have access to these labs and studies.

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Professionals from retailers, solution providers, manufacturers, law enforcement, and industry partners work together in topic-focused working groups for a united front against retail crime.

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LPRC maintains a library of resources to provide our members with the latest ideas, evidence, and information about asset protection, as well as media coverage including trends and developments.

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Through our industry events, members can engage with colleagues and be part of the solution.

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Benefits of Joining LPRC

When you become a member of the Loss Prevention Research Council, you’re joining the world’s leading organization committed to overcoming retail crime. As a member, you’ll:


Members get full access to the latest evidence-based research and best practices on asset protection, including organized retail crime, fraud, violence, and product and supply chain protection. This information helps retailers develop more effective asset protection strategies and reduce their losses.


LPRC members learn from the industry’s foremost experts on loss prevention and participate in working groups. These dynamic opportunities empower company AP professionals to educate their internal teams and staff and explore how to implement the latest effective loss-prevention strategies.


You’ll have numerous chances throughout the year to collaborate with other LP/AP professionals from the world’s top retailers facing the same issues. This spirit of cooperation helps retailers learn from each other, share best practices, and protect their shared marketplace.


LPRC events provide members with opportunities to connect with other loss prevention professionals. Our network supports retailers as they build relationships and learn about new technologies and solutions from service providers.

Educational Resources

LPRC members also get full access to our extensive education resources, including:

Knowledge Center

Tap into LPRC’s extensive library of research, including current studies as well as hundreds of previous research, webinars, and other curated industry information. (For members only)

CONNECT Newsletter

Our newsletter delivers all LPRC updates to your inbox, weekly. Featuring other resources like a curated list of LP industry readings and upcoming events, connect with us to stay involved in our community.

Solutions Directory

Access the LPRC’s database of our partners’ solutions. This directory provides a comprehensive guide to cutting-edge technologies. It’s easily searchable through keywords, zones of influence, problems, technology type, and related research.

Who Are LPRC’s Members?

The Loss Prevention Research Council is comprised mainly of retailers, both national and international, who are committed to being a part of developing better asset protection solutions. Our membership includes major retail chains including: