Working Groups

One of the most important means of accomplishing our mission — to prevent and detect theft, fraud, and violence using research to find evidence-based solutions — is through our working groups.

These teams of retailers, solution providers, law enforcement, and other stakeholders work together to tackle specific challenges in retail loss prevention and security. They dedicate time to collaborate on research, share best practices, and develop more effective solutions.

Types of Working Groups

LPRC working groups cover the most relevant and pressing topics facing the retail industry, including:

Data Analytics

Harnesses the power of data to identify trends, uncover patterns, and inform the development of innovative data-driven solutions for the industry.

Facilitated By: James Martin, Caleb Bowyer, Sam Yeung, and Alex Palomar

When: Third Thursday of the Month | 1 PM – 2 PM EST

Mission: To educate retail loss prevention professionals on various analytic approaches, as well as promote collaboration among retailers so they may refine their data collection processes and models, as well as assist each other with analytics and analysis questions.

Organized Retail Crime

Tackles the growing dangers of organized retail crime, sharing strategies to prevent theft and apprehend perpetrators.

Facilitated By: Cory Lowe, Christina Burton, and Alex Palomar

When: Third Thursday of the Month | 12 PM – 1 PM EST

Mission: To conduct basic research on improving ORC investigations and prosecutions, developing better teams, and assisting the public and policy makers understand the nature of ORC without promoting imitation of common tactics.

Product Protection

Addresses various forms of product loss, including shoplifting, employee theft, and inventory shrinkage.

Facilitated By: Justin Smith and Josh Bush

When: Third Friday of the Month | 11 AM – 12 PM EST

Mission: To conduct basic research on trends in product loss and how solutions and strategies are being used effectively to reduce product shrink; to promote collaboration and benchmarking on product protection.

Retail Fraud

Focuses on combating fraudulent activities like credit card fraud, gift card scams, and refund abuse.

Facilitated By: Sam Yeung, Cory Lowe, and Josh Bush

When: Third Tuesday of the Month | 3 PM – 4 PM EST

Mission: To conduct basic research on trends in retail fraud and effectively preventing and investigating retail fraud.

Supply Chain Protection

Identifies vulnerabilities and security risks throughout the retail supply chain, as well as strategies for protection.

Facilitated By: Diego Rodriguez and Christina Burton

When: Fourth Wednesday of the Month | 2 PM – 3 PM EST

Mission: To conduct basic research on the major challenges associated with protecting the supply chain and to provide an outlet for retailer benchmarking on effective solutions and strategies.

Violent Crime

Targets solutions for preventing and responding to acts of violence in retail environments.

Facilitated By: Cory Lowe and Alex Palomar

When: First Tuesday of the Month | 2 PM – 3 PM EST

Mission: To conduct basic research on violent crime in retail settings, including factors associated with workplace violence, and trends in violence.

What Do Working Groups Do?

Each working group operates under a designated leader and facilitates its activities through regular meetings, conference calls, and online forums. These participants take advantage of strategic tools and methods such as:

Research and Data Analysis

Conducting research on relevant topics, analyzing data trends, and sharing findings with members.

Best Practice Development

Collaborating to develop and disseminate best practices for addressing specific loss prevention and security challenges.

Educational Resources

Creating educational materials like reports, webinars, and training programs to inform and empower members.

Networking and Collaboration

Fostering communication and collaboration between members, facilitating knowledge sharing and idea exchange.

Benefits of Joining a Working Group

When members participate in an LPRC working group, they get access to a host of valuable, practical benefits, including:

Access to Knowledge and Expertise

Gain valuable insights from leading experts in the field and stay informed about the latest trends and best practices.

Influence Research and Solutions

Contribute your expertise and experience to shape the direction of research and development of practical solutions for your specific interests.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a network of peers facing similar challenges, build relationships, and collaborate on initiatives.

Enhanced Security and Loss Prevention

Implement effective strategies and solutions developed by the working group to improve your own security posture and reduce shrinkage.


How to Join a Working Group

Membership in LPRC is required to participate in working groups. Different membership levels offer varying access to working groups and associated benefits.

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