The LPRC StoreLab program is meant to give retailers the opportunity to test out solutions and gain insight from their very own customers, associates, and shoplifters who all occupy their stores.  LPRC members with stores in the Gainesville area are encouraged to work with LPRC research scientists in piloting new technologies within your very own store.  The LPRC StoreLab program has been used by multiple retailers for testing everything from on-package product protection to video analytics.  The LPRC StoreLab can be used to test out new solutions or used to verify that current solutions are still effective.

Even if you do not have retail locations in central Florida, the LPRC still encourages retailers to designate a StoreLab where testing can be conducted.  LPRC research scientists will happily assist retailers in developing projects and surveys for these satellite StoreLabs as part of your membership benefits.

LPRC member Walmart has conducted extensive research in their Gainesville, FL StoreLabs. Within their very own walls, Walmart looked at 13 currently used and prospective asset protection measures.  In an effort to determine which measures deter active shoplifters, over 70 shoplifters ranging in experience from opportunistic shoplifters to boosters were interviewed.  Walmart set out to find answers to the following questions:

  • What asset protection measures are potential offenders most likely to see?
  • What asset protection measures are most likely to deter shoplifters from stealing the protected products?
  • What methods are shoplifters using to steal various products?
  • What impact does a front end associate have on offender’s decision to steal?
  • What times/level of business do offenders most prefer to steal?
  • What is the optimal combination of height, lighting, sound, signage and color contrast of ePVMs to provide the highest chance of an offender noticing the ePVM?

Using the information gained from this study, Walmart invested in multiple measures that active shoplifters said deterred them from theft.  They are also revisiting the role of the front end associate as a theft deterrent by “hardening” the associate with characteristics that offenders said would leave them less likely to steal from the store.  This success story has been presented at conferences like RILA, NRF and more.  So please, start your LPRC StoreLab success story today!