The LPRC has initiated a program to co-develop and test innovative store layouts, work processes, and technologies to maximize sales, profit and productivity, while minimizing losses and crime. The LPRC Research Action Team has set up a group of stores (i.e. specialty, drug, home improvement, club, department and mass merchant) and an offender recruiting program to be used for asset protection R&D. This program is open to retailers, product suppliers, and LP solutions developers. StoreLab R&D can also take place throughout an entire supply chain from manufacturer through distribution through the point of sale in stores.Three key factors: All R&D initiatives take into account three critical integrated factors: 1. Enhancing consumer sales conversion rates, 2. Facilitating long-term employee productivity and execution, and 3. Maximizing location and product protection.

StoreLab is a process and NOT a place. Research projects can take place in all or part of three phases. The idea is to use to StoreLab to develop, refine and/or validate programs and technologies.

Phase I -Alpha / Laboratory TestingPhase II -Beta / Local Field Testing

Phase III -Gamma / Field Experimental Testing

StoreLab R&D Resources

StoreLab Project Development
All StoreLab investigations are customized to your organization and specific needs. Companies describe their goals and objectives, and the LPRC research team will quickly provide a proposal outlining the projected project team, research methods, deliverables, timeline and investment. LPRC members and partners receive preferential pricing on projects.