CrimeScience – The Weekly Review: Episode 17 with Dr. Read Hayes, Tony D’Onofrio, Tom Meehan and Featured Guest John-Pierre “JP” Kamel (RFID Sherpas)

Jul 30, 2020 | CrimeScience

In this episode of LPRC CrimeScience: The Weekly Review, featured guest John-Pierre “JP” Kamel, RFID specialist, joins Dr. Read Hayes, Tom Meehan, and Tony D’Onofrio to discuss RFID as a data collection tool and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected its role in retail and loss prevention.  Tune in to also learn about LPRC initiatives, ransomware, VPNs & leaked data, recent nation-state cyberattacks, Amazon’s online market share, the rise in mobile and voice online shopping, and top retail technologies in use.

John-Pierre “JP” Kamel is a retail, Omni-channel, and RFID specialist. He is a recognized leader in the Canadian and US RFID and Mobility communities and brings over 20 years of enterprise strategy and solutions integration experience, primarily focused on RFID, Omni-Channel, wireless and mobility solutions. Over the past 10 years, JP’s work has been primarily focused on working with retailers, brands, and 3PLs to develop comprehensive RFID and Omni-channel strategies and ultimately helping them build robust and profitable programs.