Board of Advisors

LPRC is largely guided by our board of advisors or BOA. The BOA is currently led by Scott Ziter, and manned by experienced and capable LPRC members and partners. The LPRC’s board of advisors champions the longevity of research-based decision making through collaboration, advice and support to the Loss Prevention Research Council’s Director’s mission.

LPRC is setup to support its members’ crime and loss control efforts by providing evidence-based R&D. In order to accomplish the LPRC’s mission in a timely and orderly manner, the LPRC is headed by a director. The director is advised and guided by a formal Board of Advisors (BOA).

The LPRC Board of Advisors acts on behalf of the LPRC and its members and research partners to help conduct business in the best interest of the council’s objectives and viability, and shall have the authority to take appropriate measures and perform duties required to accomplish the objectives of the council, subject to the final approval of the director.