Board of Advisors

The Loss Prevention Research Council maintains a Board of Advisors comprised of industry professionals who have a vested interest in creating innovative solutions for combating retail crime.

Board of Advisors

What Does the Board of Advisors Do?

The LPRC’s board of advisors guides and supports our director in fulfilling our organization’s mission of preventing and detecting theft, fraud, and violence using research to find evidence-based solutions.

This highly experienced and knowledgeable group of industry professionals helps shape our research agenda and priorities.

They provide feedback on research projects and offer insights based on their industry background.

Group of attendees at tables for LPRC IMPACT event
Attendees sitting at tables facing speaker on stage at LPRC IMPACT event

Board of Advisors

Who Is on the Board of Advisors?

With so many opportunities and problems to solve for the future of the retail industry, it’s vital that the LPRC is guided by professionals and experts who understand what it takes to achieve viable solutions that get tangible, measurable results.

Our board includes trusted and vetted representatives from:


Retailers representing small local stores to multi-national chain stores

Solution providers that offer loss prevention technology and services

Manufacturers that supply products sold by retailers to consumers

Law enforcement agencies that collaborate with retailers on loss prevention efforts

Industry partners that provide and promote insights into loss prevention

The board’s diverse perspectives ensure that all stakeholders are represented and that our research addresses the most pressing loss prevention challenges.

Board of Advisors

Scott Ziter Headshot

Scott Ziter

Northeast Grocery


Fred Becker Headshot

Fred Becker

Vice Chair
Kevin Larson Headshot

Kevin Larson

Kroger Company
Vice Chair
Gary Smith Headshot

Gary Smith

Vice Chair
Ehab Zahran Headshot

Ehab Zahran

Party City
Vice Chair
Rick Beardsley Headshot

Rick Beardsley

At Home Stores

Catherine Langley Headshot

Joe Budano

Indyme Solutions

Bobby Bull Headshot

Bobby Bull


Peter Chie Headshot

Peter Chie

Joe Coll Headshot

Joe Coll

Timothy Hall Headshot

Mike Currier

Verizon Wireless

Tony D'onofrio Headshot

Tony D’onofrio


Richard R. Del Torro Headshot

Richard R. Del Torro

Chief of Police Port St. Lucie Police Department

Richard R. Del Torro Headshot

Randy Dunn

Zebra Technologies

Timothy Hall Headshot

Brian Friedman


Rick Beardsley Headshot

Adam Gilvin

Tractor Supply Co.

Ken Peschier Headshot

Cynthia Grizzle

Family Dollar

Chris Hackler Headshot

Chris Hackler

Signet Jewelers
Timothy Hall Headshot

Timothy Hall

Catherine Langley Headshot

Khris Hamlin

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

Richard R. Del Torro Headshot

Chris Hanks

Appriss Retail

Bobby Haskins Headshot

Bobby Haskins

Mike Lamb Headshot

Dean Henrico

Loblaw Companies Limited
Rick Beardsley Headshot

Stefanie Hoover

Loss Prevention Magazine

Galina Hoppe Headshot

Galina Hoppe

Procter & Gamble
Paul Jaeckle Headshot

Paul Jaeckle

Mike Jessee Headshot

Mike Jessee


Mike Lamb Headshot

David Johnston

National Retail Federation (NRF)
Rick Beardsley Headshot

Matthew Kelley

LiveView Technologies

Timothy Hall Headshot

Rob LaCommare

Dollar Tree

Catherine Langley Headshot

Catherine Langley

Catherine Langley Headshot

Karl LaPan

UF Innovate | Accelerate

Ahmad Lightfoot Headshot

Ahmad Lightfoot

The TJX Companies

Stephen Longo Headshot

Stephen Longo

CAP Index
David Lund Headshot

David Lund

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Tom Meehan Headshot

Tom Meehan

Luke Moeller Headshot

Luke Moeller

Rick Peck Headshot

Rick Peck

The TJX Companies

Richard R. Del Torro Headshot

Tony Sheppard


Byron Smith Headshot

Byron Smith


Mike Lamb Headshot

Adam Stokes

Ulta Beauty
Pam Sweeney Headshot

Pam Sweeney

Pam Sweeney Consulting LLC

Deb Perano Headshot

Julian Taylor

Deborah Weinswig Headshot

Deborah Weinswig

Coresight Research

Member Emeritus

Brian Bazer Headshot

Brian Bazer

Restoration 1

Jack Trlica Headshot

Kevin Kolbye

Former FBI and Assistant Chief of Police for Arlington PD

Stefanie Hoover Headshot

King Rogers

Target (Retired)

Chad McIntosh Headshot

Jack Trlica

Loss Prevention Magazine (Retired)

Bill Titus Headshot

Bill Titus

Titus Consulting
Kevin Kolbye Headshot

John Voytilla

Office Depot/OfficeMax (Retired)

dennis w headshot

Dennis Wamsley

Publix Super Markets (Retired)

Board of Advisors

When Does the Board of Advisors Meet?

The LPRC’s board of advisors meets twice each year. We gather together every February for our official IGNITE summit meeting to finalize the research focus for the upcoming year. We also meet later in the year to discuss ongoing projects and broader industry trends.

At IGNITE, some of retail’s brightest minds in loss prevention — including industry heavyweights, researchers, and key stakeholders — engage in lively discussions and brainstorm innovative technologies and strategies to combat the ever-evolving challenge of retail crime.

Our collaborative environment prioritizes upcoming research projects that address the industry’s most pressing needs. We dive deeper into each carefully selected topic through interactive workshops and case studies, providing a highly productive platform for developing innovative and practical LP/AP solutions.