CrimeScience – The Weekly Review: Episode 31 – “Election Day” with Dr. Read Hayes, Tony D’Onofrio, Tom Meehan and Featured Guest Richard Long (3SI)

Nov 4, 2020 | CrimeScience

On this week’s special episode, we welcome Richard Long, 3SI Senior Vice President & Director of Global Law Enforcement, to discuss Election Day and much more with our co-hosts – including law enforcement planning leading up to the results, community policing, LPRC’s virtual SOC, election misinformation, the global retail data, and emerging technologies.

Richard Long is the global director of the Law Enforcement Division managing the police and FBI implementation and utilization of 3SI robbery-arrest / clandestine tracking GPS/RF technologies. He directs managers and regional coordinators throughout North America, Europe, South/Central America, and Australia who are responsible for recruitment, implementation, training, and liaison between 3SI and all government partners. He also directs 3SI’s liaison with all major law enforcement agencies at the state, federal, and international level. Currently over 8,600 police agencies and all 56 FBI Field Offices are approved for 3SI crime-fighting technologies. As an ASIS International CPP credentialed member, Richard is Board Certified in Security Management.