CrimeScience – The Weekly Review – Episode 45 with Dr. Read Hayes, Tom Meehan, Tony D’Onofrio & Featured Guest John Voytilla (LP-FOCUS)

Feb 18, 2021 | CrimeScience

On this week’s episode, John Voytilla, global loss prevention and subject matter expert in developing scalable and actionable strategies, joins our co-hosts to talk about the LPRC STRATEGY@ program, the importance of collaboration in the retail industry, acute vs. chronic LP issues, erosion of consequences, and much more.

John Voytilla has a verified approach to risk identification and mitigation. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in the office products industry, where he led the loss prevention and safety organizations at OfficeMax/Office Depot. Through mergers and acquisitions, John developed synergistic strategies that improved the profitability of the company. John joined Party City in 2017 as Senior Vice President to lead the development of the loss prevention and safety program, store development, facilities, and procurement functions. Recently, John launched his own consulting practice LP-FOCUS, LLC. There he will apply his critical thinking and financial/business acumen to help organizations improve their profitability. John has been an active board member and past chair of the BOA for the LPRC.