CrimeScience – The Weekly Review: The Future of Retail – Episode 37 with Dr. Read Hayes, Tony D’Onofrio, Tom Meehan and Featured Guest Leslie Hand (IDC Retail Insights)

Dec 17, 2020 | CrimeScience

By 2023, 80% of retailers will offer contactless payments and app-based scan-and-go pay systems in store, increasing conversion rates by 40% and customer retention rates by 30%. 75% of grocery ecommerce orders will be picked up at curbside or in-store. On this week’s episode, our special guest Leslie Hand, Group Vice President for IDC Retail Insights, joins our co-hosts to discuss these predictions and much more, including computer vision, biometrics, enhanced video surveillance, COVID-19’s impact, Wall Street Journal’s retail trends, and the recent U.S. government hack.

As Group Vice President for IDC Retail Insights, Leslie Hand manages the retail research team for IDC Retail Insights and conducts research digital and contactless omnichannel retail technologies, given the threats and opportunities now facing the entire retail ecosystem from evolving consumer behaviors. Hand works with retailers and technology providers on developing best practices and strategies leveraging IDC quantitative and qualitative data sets.

Before joining IDC, Ms. Hand spent 28 years in the retail industry. As an analyst, Leslie has been widely acknowledged at the person that coined the term “omni-channel”.