While research is the core of our day-to-day efforts, innovation is what we hope to achieve through our work. Confronting crime and empowering retailers requires inventiveness, resourcefulness, and a whole lot of creative thinking — which is why we created the INNOVATE program and the groundbreaking labs that are central to our productivity.

Most of the scientific research we do takes place in one of our LPRC labs on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville. These labs are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that allow us to prototype, test, and simulate new solutions in a controlled environment.


What Is the INNOVATE Program?

Retail crime is a major barrier to a safe and productive shopping experience, causing overwhelming harm to retail property, profits, and, most importantly, people. The Loss Prevention Research Council plays a key role in helping the retail industry find better ways to reduce losses and protect their assets.

That’s why we maintain our INNOVATE program, which is central to the LPRC’s far-reaching efforts to foster collaboration and creative thinking related to improving LP/AP strategies. Through partnerships, labs, and unique tools, we develop resources that retailers need to keep their businesses safe, secure, and profitable.



INNOVATE is all about collaboration. We create and maintain partnerships with retailers, solution providers, universities, and other stakeholders to allow us to share our expertise and resources. As an LPRC retail member, you can access the INNOVATE program and events where you can learn about cutting-edge technologies, network with other stakeholders, and share your expertise.

Everyone who participates in INNOVATE can take advantage of its many practical benefits, such as:

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Gain access to research and pilot programs that focus on the latest technologies and strategies for loss prevention, security, and operational efficiency.

Reduced Shrinkage & Improved Security

Implement evidence-based practices that minimize losses and create a safer shopping environment for customers and employees.

Targeted Research

Influence the LPRC’s research priorities and request studies on specific challenges retailers face — with insights that are relevant to your needs.

Networking & Collaboration

Connecting with other leading retailers, solution providers, and industry experts allows members to take advantage of their shared knowledge.

Competitive Edge

Take part in validating and adopting innovative solutions that can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Professional Development

Get access for you and your team to training programs and workshops that teach the latest trends and best practices in loss prevention and security.

Who Is a Part of INNOVATE?

The INNOVATE community is made up of retail leaders, solution providers, law enforcement, and other industry experts who are committed to collaboration in the ongoing battle against retail crime.

INNOVATE Advisory Panel

The INNOVATE Advisory Panel meets virtually throughout the year, and twice in person at the LPRC’s annual IGNITE and IMPACT conferences, while steering critical innovation and field testing across dedicated labs and community venues.


The INNOVATE Partners provide important insights and help resource LPRC’s research team to meet industry R&D needs. They also receive exclusive research, branding, event sessions, podcasts, and webinars.


  • Champion Level
  • Leader Level
  • Partner Level


Our programs within LPRC INNOVATE include:


  • SaferPlaces — The SaferPlaces Lab meets the demand for expanded and persistent anti-crime and anti-violence research.
  • aiSolve — More Information Coming Soon


Be a Part of INNOVATE

You can contribute to INNOVATE case studies and pilot programs by testing new technologies and practices in your stores, allowing you to validate solutions and provide valuable feedback to
the research community. By participating in INNOVATE, you contribute to shaping the future of the retail industry, making it a safer and more efficient space for everyone.

Create a safer and more secure shopping environment in your stores and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty — all of which lead to higher sales and fewer losses.