Loss Prevention Research Council


Now YOU can be a part of the retail loss prevention solution. When you become a member of the LPRC, you’re joining the fight against retail crime … a battle that we intend to win.


Through ongoing research that tests, verifies, and proves innovative solutions, we’re making the world a safer place for retailers, consumers, law enforcement, and every link in the supply chain. For more information, or to join the collaboration, fill out the form or give us a call.

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Evidence-Based Solutions

Members can access LPRC’s research to find data-driven strategies for loss prevention, shrinkage reduction, and improving the overall shopper experience.
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Targeted Research

Members can submit requests to LPRC to research specific retail security challenges, allowing for innovative solutions to their unique needs.

Competitive Advantage

Membership shows a commitment to evidence-based practices and cutting-edge solutions, enhancing a retailer's reputation and image.


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Collaborative Network

Membership opens up a vibrant network of leading retailers, solution providers, and industry experts, encouraging knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and collaboration.
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Training and Education

LPRC offers training programs, webinars, and conferences for members, providing professional development opportunities for loss prevention teams.

Access to Partner Opportunities

LPRC members can upgrade their partnership to levels that include seats on our advisory panels, greater sponsorship exposure, tailored research, and more.