We are excited to announce updates to our LPRC Innovate Ideation and Simulation Lab (ISL)These exciting new spaces are designed to provide world-class, problem-solving and immersive training tools to LPRC members and their partners.

The ISL uses state of the art VR/AR/XR technologies that can be connected to an organization’s corporate and field locations.  This allows us to create a realistic and immersive experience for teams attending both in person and remote sessions. Retail organizations will use the ISL to ideate and simulate solution and future design options. These unique capabilities will enable members to grow their businesses by leveraging our research process in a new, high-impact, lower-cost way.

An addition to our existing research LPRC Research Lab and dispersed StoreLab locations, the ISL will empower members to collaborate cross-functionally with other businesses and thought leaders to create concept options, generate prototypes and much more.  Mid-May we are installing our final phase 1 suite of technologies, including an array of 6 ultra HD projectors, surround sound, and an augmented reality solution set. This year’s IMPACT will feature the LPRC Innovate ISL spaces and tools to collectively solve problems.