LPRC’s Working Group Awards are given to leaders and co-leaders who demonstrate strong participation, maintain a positive and interesting call environment, and whose deliverables affect a cross-section of retail formats.​ Their commitment and dedication improves our research and results community, and for that we are grateful. The LPRC is pleased to announce the 2019 Working Group Award Recipients:


Retail Fraud Working Group

  • Leader(s): Trish Svebek, Dollar General
  • Co-leader(s): Sean O’Brien, Target / James Kendall, Target

Organized Retail Crime Working Group

  • Leader(s):  Jessica Zwart, Target / Bobby Haskins, Auror
  • Co –Leader(s): Ben Dugan, CVS / Abe Gonzalez, Bloomingdale’s

Product Protection Working Group:

  • Leader(s): Adam Hartway, InComm/ Scott Ziter, Price Chopper
  • Co –Leader(s): Andrea Guthrie, Dick’s/ Jeremy Henderson, TJX


The LPRC Fellowship Award is given to those that exceed expectations through high-level performance and dedication on working groups or projects.​ We are proud to recognize these individuals for their participation in the LPRC. Our research and results community is made better by their contributions.

2019 LPRC Fellowship Award Recipients

Krista Monnin

Procter & Gamble

Basia Pietrawska

CAP Index

Tom Arigi


The LPRC is proud to announce its newest Board Members. The LPRC’s Board of Advisors champions the longevity of research-based decision-making through collaboration, advice and support to the Loss Prevention Research Council’s Director’s mission. Please join us in congratulating the following individuals:

LPRC Board of Advisors

Peter Chie

Peter Chie is the Operating Vice President of Asset Protection and Risk Management for Bloomingdale’s based in NYC. He is responsible for all physical security, crisis management, business resiliency and investigations for the organization. His experience in the retail loss prevention industry spans over 30 years in field, corporate and distribution positions at several Fortune 500 companies, both big box and specialty. He is a former Chair for the Lehigh Valley Chapter of ASIS, a member of the ASIS Retail Asset Protection Council, and a member of the NRF Loss Prevention Advisory Council.

Tim Hall

Tim Hall is the Director of Asset Protection at 7-Eleven. In his 20 year career at 7-Eleven, Tim has held various leadership roles in Operations and Asset Protection. Tim is a highly experienced Asset Protection professional who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals in 12 regions across US and Canada. Tim has strong technical and business qualifications with a proven track record of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit development, team development and project management. Tim is currently working towards earning his Bachelor degree in Business at the University of Phoenix.

Chris Hackler

Chris Hackler is the Vice President of Global Asset Protection for Signet Jewelers. Chris has over 30 years of experience in Loss Prevention. She has held a variety of positions including Store Manager, Regional Inventory Analyst, Director of Asset Protection, Director of Physical Inventory and Risk Management, Senior Director of Physical Security and Senior Director of Loss Prevention. Chris holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with Minors in Accounting and Psychology.

Tony D’Onofrio

Tony D’Onofrio is currently CEO of TD Insights, a consultancy focused on working with private equity companies, board of directors, public speaking, industry groups, and advanced technologies companies. Previously, Tony was Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at Tyco Retail Solutions (now Sensormatic), part of Johnson Controls. At Sensormatic, he managed global customer relationships, marketing, source tagging, and transitioning key security solutions into “as a service” models. Tony is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University (BA) and Cleveland State University (MBA).

Eric Williams

Eric Williams, CFI, CORCI, is the Senior Manager of Loss Prevention with City Gear.  Based in Memphis, TN, Eric has the responsibility of managing all aspects of Loss Prevention for over 140 stores. He is a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) and a Certified Organized Retail Crime Investigator (CORCI). Eric is also certified in Wicklander-Zulaski and Reid and Associates. He’s been an active member of LPRC since 2016, particularly in the Violent Crime Working Group.


Thank you to all of our Board Members!

Please join us in welcoming Jenn Jarrett to the LPRC Team! As our newest research scientist, Jenn will be designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting many of the projects on the LPRC’s research agenda.  Her added skill set to the team will aid our capabilities in combating theft, fraud, and violence through evidence-based practice.

Jenn was born and raised in Blue Ridge mountains of both WV and NC. She went to Appalachian State University in Boone, NC for her undergraduate and master’s degrees in Experimental Psychology. In between her undergrad and masters, Jenn worked as a LPA and LPM at Sears. For the past five years, Jenn left the mountains of NC to come to Florida to work on her doctorate in Criminology and Law. At UF, Jenn’s research focused on risk perception– shoplifting/employee theft offenders perception of risk being caught and community members perception of risk for becoming a victim of crime. As an avid outdoors person, Jenn takes her dog on hikes. She also enjoys any activity on the water whether that means kayaking, rafting, fishing, or just swimming.


Join us at IMPACT’s 6th Annual Golf Outing this fall!

When: September 30, 8:00 am
Where: Ironwood Golf Course
Address: 2100 NE 39th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32609

Proceeds to Benefit: BOLD “Brave Overt Leaders of Distinction”
The Brave Overt Leaders of Distinction (B.O.L.D) Program was started in 2010 to provide assistance to young men between the ages of 16-24 who needed professional guidance in addressing their life situations and circumstances. The focus of B.O.L.D is to implement comprehensive “re-entry” and intervention activities that address the full range of challenges involved in helping young adult males make a successful transition into the community.

All proceeds from the golf outing will go towards the B.O.L.D program, and will be accepted day-of.

Attendees must register for the Golf Outing and the IMPACT conference separately.


Last Wednesday, June 26, LPRC members arrived at the LPRC Collision Summit in the NextRetail Research Center with one goal in mind: crafting and building on the new LPRC Innovate program.

LPRC Innovate was stood up to provide the people, places, and process to support major retailers as they ideate, simulate, and test new digital, people, and design options.

Collision brought together retail executives, solution providers, LPRC team members, and University of Florida faculty to plan the program’s next steps.

After some light breakfast and an introduction to the day’s agenda, Dr. Read Hayes, LPRC Director, gave an overview on the importance of LPRC Innovate. Attendees were all in agreement:  retailers must constantly evolve, evaluate emerging technologies and processes, forecast their impact, and be ready for new opportunities to succeed. To ensure that the program succeeds in its mission, the core advisory team for LPRC Innovate was formed.

LPRC Innovation Specialist Jordan Burchell presented on design thinking, the process of creative problem solving to produce innovative solutions to prototype and test. To make a dent in the issues surrounding the retail industry, human centered design thinking must be applied, and what better way than through the LPRC Innovate Ideation and Simulation Lab (ISL), a space created to provide world-class, problem-solving and immersive training tools to LPRC members and their partners.

Collision attendees toured the updated ISL, which will use state of the art VR/AR/XR technologies that can be connected to an organization’s corporate and field locations. Organizations will use the ISL to simulate solutions and future design options for their retail locations. This means that LPRC retailers and solution partners will be able to:

  • Rapidly simulate different scenarios to see how it affects sales and crime
  • Utilize the ISL to train their associates on best practices based on our research

These unique capabilities will enable members to grow their businesses by leveraging our research process in a new, high-impact, lower-cost way.

The LPRC Collision meeting generated many key takeaways and important next steps for both the LPRC team and its members:



  • Many projects were conceptualized for the ISL, one of which will be showcased during IMPACT 2019
  • The Digital StoreLab library will be created so members can explore stores and technologies on our website and in VR/AR
  • Our simulation space will focus on integrating augmented reality so that retailers can visualize 3d modeled content in their simulated store environment

We would like to thank our community for attending this event, and for their feedback on the LPRC Innovate program. The LPRC team is excited to show you even more in the upcoming months leading to IMPACT 2019.

We are excited to welcome our newest team member, Sam Auer! He is joining the LPRC as a Research Analyst on the Research Team.

Sam is a Florida native hailing from the small beach town of Bonita Springs. He is a double gator with a BA in Sociology and a MAMC in Audience Analytics, a specialization of Mass Communication. He comes to us from the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, where he worked within the Office of Advancement. Outside of professional life, Sam is an animal lover, having a dog and three cats. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and reading, combining them whenever possible. He is an avid traveler, loves learning everything he can about the world and those that inhabit it.

Please welcome Kevin Tran into his new role as Marketing & Development Manager at the LPRC.

Kevin joined the team in July 2017 as our Marketing Specialist, and has played a significant role in our growth by orchestrating our marketing initiatives. In his new role, Kevin will lead his team in all marketing efforts while playing a role in strategizing key development opportunities for the LPRC. Kevin is responsible for overall brand management, preparing and implementing marketing strategies and promotional campaigns, and delivering essential information to current and non-members through the LPRC’s communications platforms.

We are thankful for Kevin’s continued hard work and look forward to all of the marketing initiatives in store!

With NRF PROTECT quickly approaching, the LPRC team is making final preparations for next week’s west coast trip! We look forward to sharing our latest research, projects, and much more with members and non-members alike. Here are 5 easy ways for the LPRC community to get involved with our team at NRF PROTECT:

1) View our Research Agenda
Learn about our current research initiatives by visiting the 2019 Research Agenda on our website. This interactive page gives a quick overview of the projects for this year, and you can further explore the content by linking to our improved Knowledge Center.

2) Opening Party
Our team will be at this year’s Opening Party Tuesday night donning the most vibrant Hawaiian shirts (with a hint of Floridian inspiration to boot). Meet us at the Grand Plaza in the Anaheim Convention Center for both work and play.

3) Visit our Booth
Join our team at Booth #945 to discuss our ongoing research projects, new initiatives, and upcoming IMPACT conference. Many of our BOA members will also be in attendance. They will be visiting our booth to greet attendees, and answer any questions regarding the LPRC and why they are a part of our research and results community. Those joining us include:



Brian Bazer,  Rue21





John Voytilla, Party City





Rick Peck, Marmaxx





Ken Peschier, Dollar General





Scott Ziter, Price Chopper Supermarkets






Joe Coll, Macy’s



4) Attend our sessions

Our team has two sessions in store:

LPRC Director Read Hayes, PhD will lead a session on facial recognition alongside Robert Oberosler, LP professional. They will explore how matching real time images to previous images using computer vision and deep learning could be a new, powerful tool for retailers.

Director of Research, Mike Giblin will direct a session with Laura Lasko, Senior Corporate Investigator of Retail Asset Protection at Wakefern Food Corp. They will discuss technology’s welcomed impact on labor cost and the most effective ways to use technology to advance the labor force.

5) Product Protection Working Group Summit

Our Product Protection Working Group will host its annual summit for members June 13th, at NRF Protect. Join us to learn more about our research agenda and future initiatives at our breakout sessions and project discussions.

Registration is now open to both retail members and solution partners!

Due to limited space, only 1 attendee per solution partner member may register for the Summit.