Knowledge Center

As a member, you can register for the LPRC Knowledge Center to gain instant access to over 300 research reports, curated industry news & resources, and the ability to participate in ongoing projects with our retailers online.

Users are able to search and filter our research by keywords, giving them precise control over the projects they want to find.

Users can also view our past webinars and offender interviews, catch up on Working Group calls, and bookmark reports to view at a later time.

Solutions Directory

The LPRC has developed a database of our partners’ solutions as a supplement to our Engagement Lab. This directory provides retailers with a comprehensive guide to cutting-edge technologies.

Users will be able to filter out by keywords, zones of influence, problem, technology type, and view related research we’ve conducted on the solution.

Schedule a Visit

The LPRC has launched the LPRC INNOVATE building – a hub of fully equipped research labs to help craft the retail environment of the future connected to partnering retail stores.

LPRC Retail Members have access to our spaces – use them to participate in ideation exercises and brainstorming projects.

Explore the Solutions Directory & Engagement Lab for solutions that fit any of your needs.

Start a Project

The LPRC has a team of graduate-level research scientists ready to assist with addressing and analyzing industry-wide loss prevention and asset protection problems and questions.

If your team has an interest in either joining or starting a new LPRC research project, please feel free to reach out to our team.

Due to the consistently high demand from our members for projects, our team will make their best efforts to get to your specific research question!

Working Groups

Collaborate directly with solution partners and other industry professionals on various research projects and initiatives through our monthly call series.

Each Working Group sets quarterly deliverables in order to meet their objectives while generating ongoing, actionable results to all members.

Choose the categories that fit your needs – our Working Groups aim to engage your team with a wide range of topics from our 7 call series.

LPRC Member Mentor Program

(Coming Soon)

The LPRC is starting a new membership benefit this new year – a member mentor program! To help new and old members alike, the LPRC will help match new members with established members to help them learn how to master their LPRC membership and make meaningful connections with industry peers.

We will be launching this initiative soon, so stay tuned!

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