IMPACT 2020 is quickly approaching! To ensure a seamless experience, the LPRC has created an outline to prepare attendees for our free, virtual conference taking place October 6 – 7, 2020.

Here is what you need to know leading up to IMPACT 2020:

  1. The deadline to register for the conference is 12pm EST, October 2nd. Tell your colleagues and team members to register here before this date and time to reserve their spot.
  2.  We will send you an email October 2nd, after the registration deadline, with your specific access link. Please don’t share this link with anyone else as this URL is only associated with your account. After clicking on this link, you’ll be able to create a profile through the virtual platform.
  3. Currently, using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your laptop or computer guarantees the best experience on the virtual platform. Note: Sometimes, third-party extensions can affect the experience by blocking some of the Hopin interface elements. That’s why we also recommend opening the event in Incognito mode (command+Shift+N on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows) on Chrome or Private tab (command+Shift+P for macOS or Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows) on Firefox.
  4.  VPNs (virtual private networks) can interfere with your access to the platform. We recommend disabling any VPNs for the conference.
  5. During the virtual expo and one-on-one networking, you’ll be given an opportunity to chat with fellow attendees through your camera/microphone. When trying to join these two sections of the platform on October 6 and 7, your browser will ask for permission to use your camera and microphone for this website. If you run into any issues, please refer to this document or contact us.
  6. A full demo of the platform is available in case you want to learn more about using the website. To see a full demo of the platform, please click here.
  7. Please contact [email protected] for any questions leading up to and during the conference, or contact us through our IMPACT web page.