We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new advisor members. Our board of advisors (BOA) support the LPRC and its members through collaboration and advice, directly guiding our Director’s mission.



We are excited to announce updates to our LPRC Innovate Ideation and Simulation Lab (ISL)These exciting new spaces are designed to provide world-class, problem-solving and immersive training tools to LPRC members and their partners.

The ISL uses state of the art VR/AR/XR technologies that can be connected to an organization’s corporate and field locations.  This allows us to create a realistic and immersive experience for teams attending both in person and remote sessions. Retail organizations will use the ISL to ideate and simulate solution and future design options. These unique capabilities will enable members to grow their businesses by leveraging our research process in a new, high-impact, lower-cost way.

An addition to our existing research LPRC Research Lab and dispersed StoreLab locations, the ISL will empower members to collaborate cross-functionally with other businesses and thought leaders to create concept options, generate prototypes and much more.  Mid-May we are installing our final phase 1 suite of technologies, including an array of 6 ultra HD projectors, surround sound, and an augmented reality solution set. This year’s IMPACT will feature the LPRC Innovate ISL spaces and tools to collectively solve problems.

The LPRC’s Product Protection Working Group will host its annual summit for members this June at NRF Protect.  Our team will be reviewing this year’s research agenda as well as the progress of our ongoing projects. Join us June 13th for breakout sessions and project discussions on our current and future research initiatives!

Due to limited availability, registration is open to LPRC Member Retailers only. However, we will open registration membership-wide June 1.

We are excited to release the digital version of our very first Research Book. It is a compilation of all completed research projects from 2018, and each project within includes a link to the full report on our Knowledge Center. This book reflects all of the collaborative efforts of our community. A big thank you to all of those who participated, as it sets the stage for all of the research we will be conducting in 2019.

Bonus: all organizations will receive a copy of the printed, hard-cover version as part of your LPRC membership!

Please welcome our newest employee, Natanya Cruz! Natanya will be joining the Research Team as our Project Coordinator in order to support the Research Scientists in organizing, executing and reporting projects.

Natanya is a recent graduate from the University of Florida earning her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems in 2018. She loves the process of getting organized and being able to check things off her to-do list. Outside of work, she enjoys relaxing with her pets, singing, dancing, and reading.

Welcome to the team, Natanya!

One of our retailer members, online marketplace OfferUp is expanding its internet-exchange Community MeetUp Spot program to trusted retailers across the US. The program is a network of in-store meeting places designated for OfferUp users to exchange goods bought and sold on our platform. This initiative has been widely successful, leading to partnerships with over 1,700 Law Enforcement agencies to ensure maximum safety and security. Ultimately, these locations give community members better options to safely conduct in-person transactions. Retail partners also benefit through increased foot traffic and therefore the opportunity to generate additional revenue.
If you’d like to be considered for their retail partnerships, Click Here!

The LPRC Board of Advisors recently interfaced with select technical and academic partners at the annual IGNITE meeting to strategize research and launch the LPRC into 2019. This year’s planning meeting featured LPRC Innovate sessions, showcasing the new initiatives the LPRC will implement to support innovation in their research. The first official tours were also given of the LPRC NextRetail Center (NRC), a space dedicated to R&D, ideation, & realistic-training engagements to support retailers’ profit and growth strategies. The LPRC NextRetail Center will feature elite, independent, problem-solvers and simulation places/spaces that help enable cross-functional retailer teams to grow their business.

Visit our interactive web page to explore this year’s research projects categorized by different LP/AP issues and by specific Zones of Influence. Identify the projects you are most interested in and get involved! Each project links to an individual page on our new Knowledge Center, which gives members the ability to bookmark, comment on, and view updates for each ongoing project. Be a part of our Research & Results Community and participate today!

Dr. Stuart Strome has accepted an exciting career opportunity in the DC Metro Area, his final day with the LPRC is March 7th.

Please join the LPRC team in wishing Stuart the very best! Mike and the research team are in the process of hiring and onboarding new team members to ease the transition for our community. All of Stuart’s Working Groups, iChains, and Research Projects will continue forward as scheduled. Please contact mike@lpresearch.org with any questions.

Thank you, Stuart, for all you have done for the LPRC!

We are collaborating on a partnership with the  UF Miller Retailing Center  to connect retailers with talented young professionals through our  new internship program . We will be introducing a web portal that houses internship opportunities for young professionals with training in business, statistics, criminology, and other related fields, as well as providing assistance with the application process.