RILA’s Retail Asset Protection Conference took place last week in Denver, Colorado. Our team had the opportunity to attend, participate in various sessions, and network with other LP/AP professionals.

Stephanie Lin, LPRC Research Scientist, led a session on Self-Checkout technologies alongside Paul Jaeckle and Adrian Beck. The session recapped the most important takeaways from the extensive research conducted on over 140 million scan and go technologies, as well as the ways to mitigate the risks associated with these systems.

Throughout the conference, our booth provided a space to review our research agenda, current research initiatives, and all things IMPACT with attendees. We loved the opportunity to speak with our members one on one to determine the value we are providing as well as the opportunities for growth.

In addition, the Expo Experience was an immersive, interactive component of the conference; the space allowed attendees to experience over 100 innovative solutions.

The RILA Conference should be on every LP/AP professional’s list. Through interactive elements, it’s an opportunity to learn, network and share experiences and solutions. We will be integrating all of our learnings into our research and operational work, and look forward to what next year’s conference will bring.